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...but were too shy to ask!

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Because if you're going to spend your time reading something, you might as well take the word of people you've never met.

I never knew how much I never knew until I knew more about how much I never knew about content. Thanks, Josh.

This is the first white paper I've ever read that I didn't have to try to stay awake to read. Have you read white papers? They're like, really boring.

Here's what these complete strangers (who we definitely do not pay regularly*) have to say out of context.

Carly Reeves

Matt Mariaux

* Ok fine, we do. You caught us. 

Clearly, we've made our case here. It's in your best interest to download this white paper.

Is it the best white paper you've ever read? Ignoring that the bar for this is already set pretty low: yeah, we think it is.

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